The Laundry Room is the result of a path followed by two brothers. After 6 years of owning boutiques through their late teens and early 20's, The Pauline Brothers started their own womens collection while on a (garage)-sailing adventure with friends, lovers, and family on Harvard Avenue in the heart of California. Staying true to their scrappy childhood and passion for creating, The Brothers simply began by making used vintage denim better; so their first slogan was "Made Better in California." After years of evolving, The Laundry Room is now sold in coolest stores & worn by the coolest girls in the world, and has been said to have “The Greatest T-Shirt of All Time,” by Cosmopolitan Magazine.


The Laundry Room stands by the motto "Evolve or Evaporate" and thus lives by an ever-evolving manifesto:


We believe in the American girl classically redefined: classic etiquette, modern simplicity, and rebellion. Find your private road of wander.

We believe in believing in something and in challenging the status quo. Think differently and share your evolving world.

Share your love, your talents, your possessions, and a stiff drink.

We believe in putting waste to use. Please donate your clothing when finished.

We believe in inner beauty. But, do what you can on the outside.

We believe in surprises and a quarter in your coin pocket is good luck.

We believe you can manifest your destiny by imagining it. Play with your mind.

We believe you should trust those seeking enlightenment and doubt those who claim to have found it.

We believe imperfections make us one of a kind. Be rare. Be transparent. Embrace individuality.

We believe life deserves great food with great style as well as travel: maxis & makouda in Morocco, shorts & satay in Singapore, bikinis & berries in Bahamas, topless & tequila in Tahiti.

We believe coffee cures all.

We believe you are only young once.. be young now and immature forever.

We believe in you. We believe we love you.



The Laundry Room