The Laundry Room


X COORS LIGHT Feat. Beer Wolf

The Laundry Room™ X Coors Light™ collaboration marks the first official use of Beer Wolf™ in the worldwide market since 1993.


Beer Wolf is a beloved, werewolf-like creature created by Coors Light in 1983 whose fun-loving personality quickly elevated him to become a classic Coors mascot and icon.

After 30 Years in Hibernation,

Beer Wolf has made his anticipated return appearing in the comfortable, Ltd. Edition collection by The Laundry Room. *Intended for adults of legal drinking age. Must be 21+ to purchase.

@tlroom X @coorslight #AHROOoo


The Brothers

Meet our Founders The Pauline Brothers, CELEBRATING 10 YEARS as a collection. At an early age Joseph & Jonah turned the laundry room of their childhood home into a creative space. This is where their first business ideas together began.

The Stores

In 2006 the brothers opened their first premium fashion boutique, and by 2009, the third store named, "The Laundry Room." Awarded by C-Magazine amongst the nations "TOP 10 BOUTIQUES."

The Collection

In 2012, the brothers launched The Laundry Room Collection. Over the past ten years the most iconic retailers & celebrities on the planet have sworn by their styles—including The Queen, Beyoncé.


The Laundry Room™ Family is aligning with globally iconic brands to create rare official licensing partnerships with their chosen Brother + Chief Design Officer, Nicholas Burgess.

Welcome to The Laundry Room™ Family.

Quality You Can Trust

Celebrating 10 Years of Design & Manufacturing


Printed in CA with Eco-Friendly Waterbased Inks